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This presentation identifies some of the issues involved in encouraging the development of auditory skills in classroom settings. A closer look at instructional time, classroom grouping and curricular demands will set the stage for practical suggestions for maximizing children’s opportunities to use cochlear implants for auditory learning.

This is a Recorded Course which requires either a Windows-based computer or a Mac with speakers/headphones to view. More information is available in the FAQs/Help section.

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: Free to View

Course Objectives:

  • Identify three factors that influence auditory skill development in the classroom: instructional time, grouping, and demands of the curriculum.
  • Define auditory learning.
  • Provide examples of authentic listening activities/opportunities across curricular subjects.

Course Instructor(s):
Mary Ellen Nevins, Ed.D. and Ashley Garber, CCC-SLP