Introducing the Cochlear HOPE Words App

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An Auditory Rehabilitation App for the iPad and iPhone

The Cochlear™ HOPE Words app has been created as a tool for improving listening and spoken language skills of children with hearing loss. As the first rehabilitation app developed by an implantable hearing solutions manufacturer, it demonstrates Cochlear's dedication to improving the tools available to children with hearing loss.

The Cochlear HOPE Words app is a part of the Cochlear HOPE program―a program uniquely developed for cochlear implant and hearing aid users to help them achieve their personal best. The app has been adopted from Speech Sounds and Speech Sounds Vowels―two renowned HOPE resources created to expose children to speech sounds in the English language.

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Created as a Tool for Improving Listening and Spoken Language Skills of Children with Hearing Loss

HOPE Words features interactive flashcards for the full alphabet that have been organized by the speech sounds in the English language. Children simply touch on the word or image, and the image will enlarge with a voice narration from one of the world’s leading auditory verbal therapists, Nancy Caleffe-Schenck, M.Ed., CCC-A, LSLS Cert. AVT. The intended purpose is for a child to practice auditory self-monitoring by listening to a word and matching their speech production to what they heard. Vocabulary development is also facilitated as the child begins to attach meaning to the spoken word paired with the pictured image.

Interactive flashcards have been created for all speech sounds:

  • Each letter of the alphabet has 20 different flashcards.
  • In some instances, a letter may have two different speech sounds (for example, “A” as in “way” or “A” as in “cat”).
       For these letters, the flashcards are organized by the speech sound and are assigned ten different flashcards.

"We downloaded it for Jagger and he jumped right into it. It's also something that we can do together. We can sit down and use the App as a tool to focus in on certain letters or phonetics that Jagger might be having trouble with. This App really is a no brainer for parents."

- Jason Winkler
Parent of a child who has received bilateral cochlear implants

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An Effective Tool to Practice Listening and Spoken Language at Home

To help ensure children with hearing loss benefit from using the app, HOPE Words features tips for both parents and professionals on how to use the app to improve listening and spoken language:

  • Parents are instructed to encourage their children to listen and talk when using the app, as well as to interact with them and talk about the pictures.
  • Since the HOPE Words app is intended to promote rehabilitation exercises at home, professionals are instructed to encourage parents to interact with their children while using the app and to share strategies for encouraging auditory learning.

Also, the app features four HOPE resources for listening and spoken language:

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