Listen, Learn and Talk

Many parents and professionals have recognized the value of Listen, Learn and Talk in demonstrating habilitation strategies that can be used in the home. It includes three videos: Babies Babble, Toddlers Talk and Children Chatter.

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  • Auditory Habilitation Theory
  • Scales of Development from 0 to 48 Months
  • Age-Appropriate Video Demonstrations
  • Additional Ideas and Activities
  • Assessment Tools and Reference

Auditory Habilitation Theory

While the theory is familiar to the professionals, Listen, Learn and Talk presents it in everyday language for parents who are new to child and auditory development terms. It explains the importance of parent participation, describes the types of listening strategies, and includes a glossary.

Scales of Development from 0 to 48 Months

This is a fantastic guide to the stages of normal development of communication skills. It looks not only at sounds and utterances but also the stages of development of listening and communication skills.

Age-Appropriate Video Demonstrations

There are three videos, showing real parents using habilitation strategies with their children in their own homes. The demonstrations are highlighted with clear points. Each video has an accompanying section in the book which elaborates on the demonstrations.

Additional Ideas and Activities

To make the most of the strategies shown in the videos, there are more ideas and activities at the end of each section. These activities make habilitation more fun. They suggest ways to keep your child interested by using different activities for the same strategy. They also show how you can create more language development from an activity.

Assessment Tools and Reference

For parents who want to learn more, a reference to other material is included in the back of the book. For professionals, there is information on the types of assessment material available for monitoring a child’s progress.

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