Self-Auditory Rehabilitation Web Sites

Learning to hear for the first time is an exciting challenge, and one that takes practice.  There are many tools available online that provide auditory (re)habilitation exercises that may benefit pre-lingually deaf cochlear implant recipients. The links below provide exercises for beginning, intermediate and advance listeners. 

The exercises will require that your computer system has sound.  If you do not have the required program you may be directed to a download for Real Audio, Microsoft® Windows® Media Player, Flash or other required programs. Make sure your speakers are on!

— Compiled by Alana McGinnis, Nucleus® 22 recipient

Browse the following sites:

ESL Gold offers listening to the most common consonant sounds such as CH, F, L, P, R, S, TH, etc. These exercises will help to develop the listening skills needed for understanding complex sentences. Exercises are available for all levels of listening from beginner to advanced.

English as a Second Language at

English as a Second Language at offers several kinds of exercises to help with listening, grammar, pronunciation and reading. The listening quizzes include exercises that focus on job opportunities, understanding numbers, joining the local library and other situations that you may experience daily. The correct answers are available to check your progress. Exercises are available for beginning listeners to advance.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab is a popular listening site with more than 100 exercises for listeners with different levels of experience. Some exercises lists words that help you to predict the content of the topic you will hear. It’s a good idea to write down your ideas before listening to the multiple-choice quizzes. Some of the categories of the exercises include: general listening quizzes, long conversations, listening quizzes for academics and short listening exercises. You can check your progress by viewing your results. New listeners say that the spoken words seem to be clear enough to understand. All exercises are ranked as easy, medium and difficult, making this an appropriate website for beginning and advanced listeners.

American English Pronunciation Practice

American English Pronunciation Practice offers listening exercises for minimal pair practice and quizzes. These are great tools for distinguishing similar sounding words. You are given the opportunity to practice before taking the quiz. This site provides songs, poems, and tongue twisters. Each section includes detailed instructions. Listen and practice each phrase slowly, and then practice them quickly. This website offers exercises for individuals with some listening experience at an intermediate level.

The English Listening Lounge

The English Listening Lounge is designed to help you refresh your listening skills by listening to conversations along with written transcripts. There are several exercises available for free and even more if you decide to become a member, which includes a $20 fee. This site provides a new, regular, and advanced listening menu making it appropriate for beginning listeners to advanced. Each has several listening passages to choose from.

Rudenko Software, the BookReader

Rudenko Software, the BookReader is a free e-book viewer site where you can read electronic texts from your text processor. It can be used to build listening skills at all levels and offers an exclusive way of reformatting text documents to correspond to them on your monitor. This site can import books from text files which is a great way to listen to stories for enjoyment. Download 18 different distinguished voices including different tones of male and female voices. It's great practice for recognizing male and female voices.  Exercises are available for beginning to advanced listeners.

PBS Kids: Songs

PBS Kids offers a variety of movie clips and audio clips. Movie clips allow you to practice lip-reading skills, and the musical selections allows users to practice listening to singing voices. It also features educational clips along with transcripts. This site is a great resource for becoming comfortable listening to music. Exercises are available for intermediate to advanced listeners.