Online Course Detail


Professionals who work with preschool-age children with cochlear implants are presented with the challenge of assisting them to reap the full benefit from their devices to support learning. The mandate to provide a rich auditory environment is clear. Because preschool children are still in the optimal language-learning window, there is great potential to make sweeping gains in spoken language acquisition. Further, the seeds of literacy planted at this time will take root for later reading with comprehension. This seminar suggests practical tips for fostering listening, language, and literacy for preschool children with implants while at the same time encouraging a healthy “big picture” perspective for childhood growth and development.

This is a Recorded Course which requires either a Windows-based computer or a Mac with speakers/headphones to view. More information is available in the FAQs/Help section.

Length: 60 minutes

Cost: Free to View

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to identify principles for integrating auditory skill development into therapy activities for young children.
  • Participants will be able to describe how to develop strategies for book sharing.
  • Participants will be able to identify ways in which play can be utilized to directly target specific language and auditory objectives.

Course Instructor(s):
Ashley Garber, M.S., CCC-SLP and Mary Ellen Nevins, Ed.D., HOPE Specialists